Our area of expertise is refurbishment of private homes in United Kingdom. We are experienced in creating new kitchens and living rooms as well amazing loft conversions. With our range of services, we can even quickly repaint your furniture! 

Apart from all the technical work we are more than happy to share our extensive knowledge when it comes to picking the right shades, brands and amount of materials for your project.

Please give us a call regarding your planned refurbishment and we will happily assist you in achieving a new look for your home.


Our team is qualified and experienced in working on commercial projects too. We have spray painted shop fronts, PVC windows and doors, garage doors and office and shop furniture. Hecton team has refurbished several office spaces, workshops and shop interiors. 

If you like our work and would like to hire us as contractors, then you can count on our excellent customer service and confidentiality. 

If you wish to cooperate with us on commercial project then please drop us an email with details and we will reply with quote as soon as possible.